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15 years in building digital products

In2it Creative Lab is part of the Arnia Software Group, a software company based in Bucharest that counts more than 300 software specialists, and with an experience in digital and software marketing of more than 15 years.

Our background offers us the direct experience of building and optimizing projects on the live market, the environment to be continuously up to date with industry standards, and also the necessary flexibility to handle well a variety of industries.



We have a commitment to excellence, no matter the size of the project. Every product is treated with the highest standards in UI, UX and development.


We are a cross-functional team of experts, that adapts to clients and user needs, and meets them with quality and efficiency.


Every project can be done, but we do them right. Our focus is on asking the hard questions and building real, highly usable digital solutions.

A full-service Creative Digital Agency based in Bucharest, Romania and we love to empower businesses with the help of ambitious design.

focused on quality and
efficient delivery


years in software background


years experience in product design


digital products delivered


years in software background


Experienced in working remotely, with clients from all over the world


years experience in product design


Ability to take a product through all stages of development and launch


digital products delivered


Great collaborations and references from our past and current clients

web, UX design, mobile & product

We offer end-to-end creative services that range from software architecture, UX&UI design and development to branding, product packaging and animated graphics. We love everything digital related and our creative services stand testimony to that. Some of the most ambitious companies in tech, staffing and publishing have trusted us with their projects.

Software architecture, UX&UI design and development

over 20 digital products created from scratch and fully optimized and delivered

TeleDOC Medical web app

Responsive web
& mobile apps

optimized responsive behavior for all digital products. mobile-first and user centered designs

AVA Mobile app

Branding and identity

logos, stationery, flyers and posters, billboards, social media visuals, marketing and merch, UI kits & UI systems

Berea TNR Branding & product packaging

committed to
excellence no matter the size of the project

Design & marketing agencies

Too many projects and not enough know-how or horsepower? Our team is expert in this type of collaborations.

Marketing depts

We collaborate with marketing teams from other companies and help them take their marketing campaigns to the next level.


New products/services, new context, new market? We have been doing this a lot and we are here to support startups with our know-how.

New project / new idea

We have experience taking projects from their start as ideas, and bringing them all the way to becoming mature, competitive products on the market.

New feature for existing app/site

There are many good products that have been left behind, but with new features or improvements are able to become competitive again.

Companies needing a fresh approach

Being up-to-date means remaining on the people’s minds as the go-to solution for their needs. Bringing a fresh view on things is our job.

bringing change, bringing value

Design and build excellent products

Empower brands, companies & people

Evolve & develop the digital culture

clients of all sizes, all over the world

we get socially involved

Each of us has to do their part in order to make the world a better place.

Mia's Children NGO donation responsive web platform

there is a lot more

If we got your interest and you want to check out more about the way we work and the products we have launched, there is a lot more where that came from.